The German Miniature Golf Sports Youth

The German Miniature Golf Sports Youth (DMJ) is the youth organization of the German Miniature Golf Sports Association

The DMJ wants through its own youth work, the youth work of the regional associations of the DMV and their associations allow young people in contemporary communities to sport. It wants to contribute to the formation of the personality, ability to promote social behavior, the social commitment of the athletic young people and stimulate in them through meetings and competitions with foreign groups willingness to arouse international understanding.

The DMJ hosts the national competitions in the youth field (Youth countries cup and the German mini-golf Youth Championships) and is for the sporty representation at the international championships of youth classes. As well as the players of other age classes is the German Mini Golf Lite the world leadership.

The DMJ is in the areas of social inclusion, commitment promotion, athletic youth education and cooperation association, school, association of active. The other is the prevention of and intervention in the event of sexual violence in the dmj settled. More under