Already for the 4.

Already for the 4. Time took place in this year the Nestlé Schöller felt Golf Masters, a tournament that as the idea of the German coach Michael Koziol in the series of the DMV tournaments the gaps felt golf and match play. As a pure match play Tournament aligned, the numerous duels for any amount of voltage, alleged „underdogs“ win against the Big Show favorites you can cross and all category.

Also the fourth edition from 07.-08.05.2016 in osthessischen kunzell enjoyed great popularity with 51 participants and left numerous positive impressions with the participants. At the end of Manuel Szablikowski won for the second time in a row of young people in this tournament (2015 was Thomas Sieber) and showed impressively how the system of course now felt inside at the junior golf has become. Even 18 years ago, to the youth of the author of this article (DJM 1998 in cried home), was felt golf for many a puzzle, blue results (below 30 beats) for many unthinkable and rounds of 36 for many players the reality. A lot has changed since then, felt golf is still not as widespread as the other large systems, but much more in our game mode is integrated. Many young people today grow up with this system already on and it is not surprising that the best among them in felt golf tournaments strongly crowing.

This was so this time Manuel Szablikowski of MGC Mainz. He was the surprise finalists from Wesel, Waldemar Neuwirth, in the final with 7:3 defeat. Neuwirth showed a remarkable performance, even took the match play world champion of 2013, Dennis Kapke Arheilgen (SG), in the semi-finals of the race, had the young Mainz but at the very end bit counter. The Weseler was very happy about the second place, it was only his third felt golf tournament of the career … is an impressive performance!

In the third place achieved after a victory in the small final against the addition of the MGC Kapke Dormagen-Brechten, Sebastian „Brezel“ Heine, after initial difficulties in the preliminary round, namely a defeat against the later Silver medal winners Neuwirth, gradually to age form and ultimately found only in the semi-finals by the winner of the tournament could be stopped.